Awaken Your Voice!

What do You Love About Living in America?

What Can YOU Do On a Daily Basis to Make America a Better Place?

What Are You Unhappy With in America Today?

What Can YOU Do To Be Part of The Solution to What YOU are NOT Happy With In America?


May Name is Janine Elias and I have been unhappy with what’s been happening in America both home and abroad for many years. For the past 5 years I have been patiently waiting for some form of quality leadership to step up and begin making the changes we so desperately need in America today. I’m STILL WAITING!

I’m not picking on any particular political party. I’m actually equally dissatisfied with both of our major political parties. In the spring of 2010 I was siting in my office surfing the web thinking about what a sad state of affairs we are in and it occurred to me that I AM JUST AS RESPONSIBLE AS EVERY OTHER AMERICAN, INCLUDING THE POLITICIANS, FOR STEPPING UP AND CREATING QUALITY LEADERSHIP IN MY COUNTRY!

I began to ask myself what do the politicians have that I don’t? I couldn’t think of anything.  I thought to myself if they can do it so can I? How hard can it be? Don’t get me wrong I have no intention of becoming a politician but I have every intention of showing the world ONE person can make a difference! And if I can do it so can YOU! And as WE come together and work together there is nothing we can’t do! It’s time for us to step up America and be the change we want to see in our country!

So many people believe one person has no range of influence that one person can’t make a difference. Are you one of those people? Do you feel your voice is NOT heard? That the government and it’s representatives have lost their mind and are doing all the wrong things but you are powerless to stop it, change it, or make a difference in any way? Is this how you feel?

Unfortunately in many cases you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! But that is all about to change! I believe in the dream of America. The Dream that our founding fathers and mothers made a reality when they declared our independence founding this great nation. I am determined to be the change I want to see in America and inspire and support you in doing the same!

There are 3 aspects to this movement:

  1. The outreach component: Awakening the Voice of America where we go out into the community through the use of special events and inspire, train, inform, and entertain you
  2. .The training component: The Elias Relationship Academy has developed a series of 5 trainings designed to give you the tools and skills you need to not only become the change you want to see in America but to transform your life to have, do, and be whatever you desire. The only way to make America a better place is through empowering her people to live happy, full, and rewarding lives. That means you have the life of your dreams! This training series is called Awaken YOUR Voice.
  3. The social component: The Balance Club is the social network put in place to support you. America is far off track and we didn’t get here overnight and it is uncertain how long the recovery will take. The one thing that is certain is we need to make the changes from the ground up. Changing and improving America doesn’t lay in the hands of the government it lays in our hands YOURS AND MINE. We are going to take control of our individual lives and come together within our communities and step up and create what we need. The Balance Club will be our life line to each other and the added support we have been lacking.

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